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I was born in Oberlin, Ohio at 8:01 pm on February 28th, 1984 in a massive snow storm. It was the fifth worst storm in history. My mom started going into labor when we were snowed in and had to be rushed to the hospital by snowmobile. They governor mobilized the national guard at this point and the roads were all closed. My mother and I were very stressed by the time we reached the hospital. She went through 17 hours of labor and a decision was made, I had to be delivered by C-Section since I was breech.

Here is a recorded news broadcasting from the night I was born. Most of it about the snowstorm.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68i0v_iYWjQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtCPv4dZkTQ

My father chose my name Samantha, after Elizabeth Montgomery’s character Samantha Stevens of Bewitched. In Aramaic Samantha means listener. In Hebrew my name means listen; name of God. My mom was happy with the name choice since it sounded strong and feminine. My parents tried having a child for five years until I was born. I was very much a blessing to them because conceiving was so difficult for them. The doctors advised my mother to not give birth again. My birth was very difficult for both of us and we were both lucky to be alive. I would end up as a only child because of this. 

I spend my first seven years living in two different houses on park land. The first house I do not remember since, I lived there for the first few months I was born. The second house is where most of my memories are at. My grandfather was a park ranger for the park system. Because of his connections with the park, he was able to get my parents in a position to be stewards of the park land. He also lived in another park house and took care of that section of park land. It was a glorious living on public land, exploring the forests. I have vivid memories climbing down the massive gorge created by the Laurentian Ice Sheet 10,000 years ago. A picturesque river running through it. It was like growing up in fairytale forest. 

When doing a land restoration project my grandfather and father discovered the house was 800 meters from an Erie (early Native American tribe) burial ground. They actually stopped the project and respectfully let the land be. I grew up on land with massive amounts of paleo and Erie artifacts. It was like growing up on a woodland museum. However, being land stewards of parkland, I wasn't allowed allowed to take or disturb anything. I could only look and take pictures. I am so thankful for this experience because of it, I have strong views on wildlife, preserving our land and history. I also, have an extensive knowledge on the local geology, plant life and native people's history. A great deal of this formed who I am today. 

My Stats

Los Angeles, California
Irish, Scottish, British, German, Slovak, American 
34D- 25.5- 36
Long Sandy Blonde

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