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Cam Show May 2, 2013 41 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Featuring: Samantha GraceAdded 11/15/2014
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If you missed my live cam show May 2, 2013 that's okay! I've made my show available so, you can download it and watch it over and over again. This show I am wearing a country girl themed outfit with pigtails. I play a little strip tease game. I ask a number of me related trivia and when the question is answered correctly, I remove a piece of clothing. As time goes on I am down to just my t-shirt. So, it becomes a wet t shirt contest with a twist. The quicker an answer is answered correctly, the wetter I make my tight little t-shirt. I squish and play with my wet breasts. I decide I need to bring some lube out. I just happen to have a vase of J-Lube and I pour it all over. I take my tee off and end up nude covered in lube. But I do not stop there! I take out the oil and cover my nude shimmering body.

Bound Together [Video] 30 minutes, 11 seconds of video
Featuring: Anastatia Pierce, Samantha GraceAdded 11/29/2014
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It's evening after work I leave a message on Anastasia's phone. I'm worried about a strange figure outside my house. Anastasia calls over and over, but I never pick up. She makes her way to my house and finds me bound and gagged. So, she tries to rescue me. Little does she know the strange person is still in the house. She ends up bound and gagged with me. We fight to get loose out of our ropes. We end up in yet another room. We are topless in nothing but our full fashioned Cuban heel stockings, garter belts, panties and high heels. Our strange person has me to tie Anastasia up. I am forced to change her gag. My mouth is silenced with a black strip of tape. Then this strange person ties me up. Anastasia and I try to free ourselves. We wiggle and squirm. We wiggle so hard we do free ourselves. We make our way to the door but we are stopped. We are then hog tied and gagged. With Anastasia on the floor and I am on the sofa. We wiggle and try to bounce free. The question is, do we end up free or will you save us?

Bound Mamasita 32 minutes of video
Featuring: Ariella Ferrea, Samantha GraceAdded 11/22/2014
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Ariella Ferrea and Samantha Grace are two busty friends. Hot Latina MILF Ariella invites voluptuous Samantha over after work to watch a little television and relax. Both are wearing button down shirts, mini skirts, panty hose and high heels. When the girls turn on the Tv they find the cable is down. Ariella hears a knock at the door believing it is the cable guy and she goes to answer. The girls are bound with rope on their panty hose clad knees and ankles. Their wrists are tied behind their backs. They are gagged into silence and can only oomph... they fight to get out of the ropes with busty cleavage spilling out of their blouses. Lacy bras showing from their blouse and breasts bouncing like crazy. The girls are moved into the bedroom where there are stripped down to their beautiful matching bra and panties. Their panty hose, high heels, binds and gags remain as both struggle for freedom. Ariella's massive DDD's barely remain in her bra. Both Samantha and Ariella's nipples slip from their bras. Over time their bras are removed and they are struggling topless doing their best to break free from the ropes. The girls gag-talk to form a plan to break free.


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